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It's time for 'Tchaikovsky and Chill'

Born in 1840, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s fusion of Western Classical composition techniques and traditional musical ideologies has undeniably cemented the Romantic virtuoso as one of the greatest composers of all time.

Producing some of the most renowned works in the Classical canon, his ability to deliver the delicacy of ballets like ‘Swan Lake’ through to the tremendous uproar of his ‘1812 Overture’ pioneered a new era for Russian Classical music on an international scale.

In celebration of his life and legacy, Collins Classics are pleased to honour Tchaikovsky in our brand new compilation, ‘Tchaikovsky and Chill’.

It’s a widely known fact that, whilst enjoying the fruitfulness and success of his career, Tchaikovsky faced many trials and tribulations throughout his life. With soothing and pensive moments being paralleled by brash and disconcerting melodies, the album truly embodies the emotional continuum of the composer.

Following on from Beethoven in the ‘Chill Series’, you can now join us in remembering Tchaikovsky by streaming and downloading ‘Tchaikovsky and Chill’ here.

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