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Find some head-space with Chopin

To help lift everyone’s spirits, we’ve released the next album in our ‘Classical & Chill’ series slightly earlier than usual! 'Chopin and Chill' is available to stream and download here.

Frédéric Chopin is a classic figure of romance. A French-Pole exiled from a martyred country and a man whose piquantly obscure love life attracted the creators of sugarcoated fiction. A revolutionary yet stickler for social convention and a realist who, to quote his own words, was a dreamer in 'strange spaces'.

Chopin despised disorder and felt that 'the best things are those in which the first thoughts of inspiration are not spoiled by later reflection'. No other composer so whole heartedly committed to a single instrument, saying 'the piano is my solid ground, on that I stand the straightest'.

These words particularly resonated with us and we hope the piano works celebrated on 'Chopin and Chill' will help you find some head-space and stability in these turbulent times.

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