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The 'Chill Series' is back out of Haydn...

Sorry, we just couldn't resist it! But, is there anything better than a good old Classical composer pun? Well, actually, there is.

Born in 1732, Mr Franz Joseph Haydn was a undeniably a true pioneer of Western Classical and Chamber music. Referred to as "Father of the Symphony" and "Father of the String Quartet", his renowned compositions earned him positions as a friend of Mozart, teacher of Beethoven and the most celebrated composer in Europe.

In homage to this, Collins Classics is pleased to present 'Haydn and Chill'. Celebrating the softer sounds and smoother sides of the great Austrian composer, this brand new compilation is the fifth album to feature in our applauded Classical 'Chill Series'.

Joining Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and Tchaikovsky, Haydn takes a well deserved seat among some the biggest and best names in our catalogue.

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